Double LL Farm and Kennel

In addition to our Lab pups we have a commercial herd of cattle and grow organic oats. Our cattle herd consists of Charolais and Red Angus. In addition we also have a small herd of Braunvieh. Our interest in the Braunvieh started about 18 years ago. Braunvieh are generally a docile breed and are known for their superior mothering abilities. The Braunvieh breed has proven to become fertile at a very young age and stay fertile to an extremely old age when compared to other breeds. It is not uncommon to have 18 or even 20 year old cows being a productive part of the herd. They produce high quality milk resulting in exceptional growth rate. Braunvieh range in colour from dark brown to a light grey. They have a light coloured muzzle and often a light coloured dorsal stripe.

We have found the Braunvieh to be an excellent cross with the Charolais for a good quality calf. We have registered Braunvieh cattle as well as Braunvieh cross.

Double LL Farm - calves